Her Truth

Her Truth

She rose and she fell

Over and over again

Like the cycle of the sun

Always tripping on her own two feet

Spinning out of control

Like a broken compass searching due north, she sought love in the wrong direction

She served her heart on platters of gold and ruby gems

Unaware of their true intentions to rape her soul for all she was worth

Each heartless and cruel act

Burning her to cinder ash

Smoldering embers of rage birthed her anew

Each time she bore new armor of hard lessons learned.

With her sword of truth, shield of strength, breastplate of courage,

She guarded her heart, ever watchful and fierce

Not yet knowing the reason for each new gift

She fought new love at every turn

Piercing and poisoning the hearts of good men

Chaos and destruction lay in her wake

She seethed and boiled in frustration; a witches cauldron brewing.

Distracted and blinded by anger

She tripped again and fell into the pire.

Once more she found herself in a pit of ash and ember.

Her soul naked and bare

She gazed  upon herself

What was once soft and bright, now darkened and hard.

Longing for light once known, she swallowed the fire and began from within.

She gave herself the love she gifted away so selflessly.

Serving herself from the remnants of her armor she fed her soul.

Consuming her gifts she found the courage and strength to walk, sure footed, in her truth.

~ Falon

Originally written 9.30.18

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