It Chose You.

It Chose You.

For a long time I have been on a journey to discovering myself, unlearning all the things society taught me under the guise that “you have to do it this way”. Whether you are a man or a woman, we are told to act a specific way, complete certain things, blah blah, fucking – horseshit, blah. I don’t need to list them off, we ALL know what the rules of typical society are.
What many of us don’t yet know, or more likely realize, is what we are actually meant for.
What is our purpose here?
Who are we meant to become?
What are we meant to build and create?
Who are meant to help, to inspire, to heal?

We all arrived here, to this planet, for a purpose. With a mission. Everything we experience, discover, and learn is guiding us to that “moment” and when we are meant to step into it.

This includes the people we connect with.

Our communities and networks are so key in this journey to discovery. Who we surround ourselves with can directly impact what we do, how we do it or IF we even do it.
If we are spending our time with those who have no ambition, no drive, no goals for bettering themselves, then chances are we will become one of those people too.
But if we surround ourselves with people who ARE inspired, intentional and goal oriented, we are very likely to feel some of that energy that they are generating, will be lit up and inspired to do something powerful too.

I spent many years among people who were uninspired, unmotivated and content to just continue along in a lackadaisical way. And that’s fine – for them. However, it left me feeling alone and out of place because I wanted more. I needed more.
So I shifted. I made a change.
Had I not made that one little shift, I wouldn’t have met the women I have, in my life would be significantly different than it is.
Some are of these women are Soul-sisters, some are people I follow on Facebook or Instagram, some are coaches and mentors I work with. Some are friends and clients of my own. But each one has a message, a purpose, and reason for arriving when they did the way they did.

Sam Peterson, a mentor and founder of the Empire of the Dark Divine & The Rebel Soul Tribe, said to me, “The Universe chose you”… And she is correct.
I was chosen to create this platform, to share this message and I have lived a life that would lead me here. To this moment. The magnitude of that hit me like a freight train.
(If you don’t know who Sam is, she is a serious bad ass of raw and authentic guidance for women seeking understanding of their dark code. Check her out HERE.

Shortly after this conversation with Sam, I was having a conversation with Marlo Ellis, of The Uncommon Woman, about her programs and how she guides women through the process of sharing their stories in public settings without fear (something I am working on personally) and she said, “It’s a Choice. You can chose to be afraid and not fulfill this purpose. You can chose to listen to self doubts and you can choose to quit. Or you can chose do it.”
(Find Marlo HERE– she’ll change your life)

All of this got me thinking – What if J.K Rowling chose not to receive the divine message to write the Harry Potter series? Or she chose not to keep pushing onward after rejection after rejection to be published? What if she chose to listen to her fear and self-doubts? 
Or what if women like Ester Hicks, Louise Hay, Gabby Bernstein, Brene Brown and Lisa Nichols ignored their calling and chose to listen to fear and doubt? Chose not to be vulnerable and shied away from their call of courage?
It’s a scary thought – so many lives have been positively impacted by these women, their stories, their missions.

I have felt and known for a long time I was meant for something more. I longed to be a part of something greater, something with purpose. I KNEW there had to be more than what I was doing, the way I was living.
And the Universe delivered. It also delivered the support system I needed to accomplish this. It introduced me with my Soul-sisters, the women who have allowed me the space I needed to feel safe being my authentic self, giving me a taste of that freedom I desired and deserved. Through those connections it gifted me with the mentors and coaches I needed to help me discover the tools and belief in myself that was required to begin. Women like Marlo Ellis of The Uncommon Woman, Sarah Swain of The Great Canadian Woman, and Miss Olivia of Wake the Wild Within. It also gave me the necessary experience to realize that we need MORE opportunities like this, because each platform is different, even if they have the same intended mission or purpose.
And the more I act, the more I work towards this goal, the more the Universe provides for me.

Coaches continue to show up when I need them. From Guides and Mentors like Sam Peterson, Chrissy Marie, Shaelyn Cataldo and Diana Tulumba, all sharing their message and wisdom with divine timing, to receiving Soul nudges to go in a new direction or to shift another degree. It provides new inspiration. New connections. New friends. More opportunities to collaborate and expand. All because the Universe WANTS me to succeed.

The Universe chose me.

The Universe chose the girl whose voice was once silenced. Whose pen and paper were once taken away, and forbidden to use. The girl who felt alone, rejected and unwelcome in nearly every social setting she was ever in. The Universe chose the girl who is absolutely terrified of standing on stage and being seen.


Because I understand. I KNOW.

I have experienced the pain of being silenced and unable to do what I love and what comes naturally. I have felt the pain of being left out, “being the weird one” – being “different” and unaccepted. I know the loneliness, the anxiety and have lived through the depression that accompanies all of this. And I have lived in the fear and belief that I am not good enough, smart enough, strong enough or valuable enough to do anything of substance.

The Universe chose me because it knew I could be trusted with this mission. It knew I would rather go down fighting for what I believed in, fighting for other women to have the opportunity to do what they love, to have their voices heard and be seen, rather than give up and allow the suffering to continue for centuries more.

So today I am here to tell you, whatever it is that has been sitting on your heart, nudging you to take action – listen to it. Listen to what is trying to come through. Allow it the space to come through.
You are hearing this voice for a reason. There is purpose behind it.

The Universe is choosing YOU.
It is choosing you because you have lived the life, experienced the moments and overcome the obstacles that make YOU the best person to do the thing you are being called to do.

The choice is yours.
You can choose to accept your mission and changes lives, make an impact – even it is just one person (because you never know who that one person is meant to become if only they had just ONE person inspire them).
Or, you can choose to remain where you are, doing the same thing you have always done and allow fear, self doubt and the false belief that you aren’t worthy to control your life.

You are worthy.
You are enough.

The Universe CHOSE YOU.

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