An unpopular opinion on Artificial Intelligence

Welcome to the dumbing down of humanity.

The arts have been under attack, so to speak, for decades. It’s always been under funded and under appreciated in the education system, and is habitually the first to be cut under budgetary reviews.

Yet, the arts are what we covet and appreciate most in our daily lives. Humanity doles out millions for original works of art, to see their favourite musicians play live, and hold in their hands the latest works issued by their favourite author.

The arts are such an intricate part of our human existence, it is nearly impossible to exist without experiencing or being exposed to it in some way, shape or form.

No other creature on earth creates as humans do. No other creature dreams and imagines alternate worlds, realities, sounds or images as humans do.

Until now.

It has learned what makes us human.

To the Parents who are worried about gifts this Christmas…
When I think back to the holidays of my youth, it truly isn’t the gifts I remember most. It’s the feeling. It’s the people who were there. The way we celebrated together, as a family. It’s the traditions that we looked forward to every year.
The Universe is always supporting you.
Today…. today was a day.  After only 4 hours of sleep the night before, I arrive at the airport for 5:15am to get through security, pick up my Starbucks coffee and banana bread. I hear the tremor in the cashiers...
I Will Never Be a Well Behaved Woman
Never truly fitting in or belonging anywhere, I have always remained just outside the container like the liquid overflowing a cup.
I am Pro-Choice, and You Are a Hypocrite.
When a society lives in fear, it gets vicious. It forgets its humanity and lives in a constant flight or fight mode. They lose rationale and the ability to think critically. And that is more terrifying than any virus, in my opinion. I grow more and more concerned about retaliation...
I am calling it what it is. Rape.

Currently, humanity is drunk on fear and stuck in the flight or fight mode. 

I Remember…
I remember the day everything fell apart and the demons of war caught up to him. From what I have been told, and what I had seen since, they were recurring visitors who would come and wreak havoc on his life and those in it.
This or That.
Life was not meant to be lived in monotone. It was meant to be lived and experienced in all the colors.