An unpopular opinion on Artificial Intelligence

“If to create is Devine; To destroy is wicked”.


Growing up, we all watched science fiction movies involving some sort of mechanical human, artificial intelligence systems, and in home robotics systems. Think as far bad as the Jetsons cartoon.

It all seemed so fantastical, too good to be true.

Many of us, I believe, never truly thought we would see it our lifetimes. Millennia’s away. Or so we thought.

And I remember, when I was around twelve years old, my Grammie; a religiously devout Christian, had warned me about “the coming days… when the beast would come to enslave humanity”.

There was talk of “The Rapture”, and “The end of Days”, and for a few years during thunderstorms with its raging winds and earth shattering booms, I shivered in fear, worried this was the end.

Eventually I grew out of it, and believed it all to be fairytales of sorts, meant to manipulate children and adults alike into behaving. I dismissed them and forgot them.

But as I look around the world today, I can’t help but wonder… was my Grammie right?

Is THIS the end she warned about? Is the beast rearing his ugly head, taking strides in the enslavement of humanity?

And are we gleefully and blindly leading ourselves to the slaughter, cell phones in hand, eyes down and fixated on our tiny screens?

I look around me, and see groups of friends sitting around the table, twinkle lights above them setting a soft golden glow across the room, adding to the ambience of the restaurant. It’s inviting and warm in contrast to the dark winters evening outside the frosted window. None of them notice. Their eyes are cast downward, into the screens of their phones. No one is talking. Everyone is typing.

Scrolling Instagram and TikTok, I grow disheartened at the repetitiveness of the content. Adults partaking in pre-schoolish dance routines, raking in the likes and comments, their profiles skyrocket to fame as they become influencers, and TikTok famous. While artists, musicians, and authors fight to create original content and stay relevant enough to be seen in an ever changing landscape of algorithms.

Welcome to the dumbing down of humanity.

A.I. has now stepped in, seemingly overnight and created a craze of NFT like images and portraits, as individuals flock to the latest app to participate once again.

But A.I. has been slowly creeping into our existence for decades, unnoticed, unseen, unacknowledged and unchecked. From auto tune in music, to graphic design in the arts, and spell check on the computer. Humans created the music, the image, the story… A.I. altered it for you, at your request. And it learned.

A.I. Is in our cellphones. Our laptops and desktops. Siri is tracking and recording our habits, our thought processes, the way we speak and interact with others, and what we do online.

And it learns.

A.I. Is in our homes. Playing our favourite music through Alexa and Google nest boxes. It’s making our grocery lists and monitoring what we eat at home, and the reservations we book when we go out. It’s in charge of our home security, and monitoring our children as they sleep.

And it learns.

A.I. Is in our vehicles. It’s operating our gps navigations and recording our Google maps. It knows what places we frequent, when we go and how often. It’s in our on-star systems, connecting us to emergency help if we need it, and holds the ability to turn off the vehicle if it’s stolen.

And it’s still learning.

A.I. has levelled up in the music scene, with the arts, and with its use and control over human language. It writes songs and creates music all on its own. It’s writing essays, short blurbs and online content for the busy influencers. And it’s creating digital art in various styles and techniques, mirroring some of the great artists of our time. It’s learned what we value, what we love, what we desire.

It has learned what makes us human.

No other creature on earth creates as humans do. No other creature dreams and imagines alternate worlds, realities, sounds or images as humans do.

Until now.

The arts have been under attack, so to speak, for decades. It’s always been under funded and under appreciated in the education system, and is habitually the first to be cut under budgetary reviews.

Yet, the arts are what we covet and appreciate most in our daily lives. Humanity doles out millions for original works of art, to see their favourite musicians play live, and hold in their hands the latest works issued by their favourite author.

The arts are such an intricate part of our human existence, it is nearly impossible to exist without experiencing or being exposed to it in some way, shape or form.

Language is an art.

Our very cities exist through the artistic design of an engineer.

Our buildings and structures are art.

Every store or business we enter has art on their walls or music playing softly over the speakers in their hallways or elevators.

Billboards and ads, all created because of the arts.

Books, magazines, newspapers, all created because humans love the arts.

These things have all just become so common place, we’ve simply forgotten where they originated. We’ve adapted them, cut corners and massed produced them to a point they’ve lost their lustre and become a commodity.

And in the devaluing of the arts, we have devalued ourselves.

Now, for those who know me personally, this may seem out of character… but try to follow my thought process here…


Being raised partially by my Grammie, I attended church and Sunday school and heard the teaching of the Bible. Over the years I’ve distanced myself from the church, struggling to understand many of the perspectives it teaches, and bearing witness to the hypocrisy that exists in organized religion. I can not accept the God that man portrays as our creator.

However, I do believe God, or a Creator, an Origin Source, exists. We came, we evolved, we were birthed, into existence by something.

In believing in God, or an Origin Source, I believe humans are the result of artist creation.

We, in our very existence, are art. Art is as much a part of the human design as breathing. As eating. As drinking. To exist is to be a work of art.

Be it through Devine creation as depicted through the bible, or through the process of evolution, something occurred, something so magically intricate happened, to allow us to be what we are. It was by design.

Just thinking of how perfectly timed, how perfectly functional the human body has to be, to create life from microscopic organisms… life that is so intelligent it has the ability to create and manifest the world we live in today… how is that not a work of art? How is this not intentional design?

And if this is true, that we were created, and that a God or Source, a creator or an originating Source exists, so must the opposite. The destructive force. The harbinger of death and devastation. For every beginning, there must be an end. To live, is to die.

If God exists, by law of nature, so must the Devil.

The yin and yang. The good and the evil.

And the devil is in the details.


In warning of the end of days, some twenty plus years ago, Grammie advised of the following:

  • What you consume you become. The music you listen to, the books you read, the movies you watch and the food you eat. The devil will always find a way into your heart.
  • The mark of the beast will find itself placed in a chip in your hand. Never surrender your ability to keep cash. A cashless society is an enslaved society.
  • The devils goal is to enslave humanity.

For the past couple of years I’ve heard her voice, echoing around my brain, repeating these words over and over as I’ve watched what’s happening around the world.

Our music has been filled with hate, violence towards others, hyper sexuality, and consumerism while on a frequency which seems almost hypnotic when you step back and watch how obsessive each generation becomes.

Our food is genetically modified, losing nutrients and vitamins, while being sprayed with cancerous chemicals that wreck havoc on our nervous systems and minds. It makes us sick and dependent on a broken “medical system” that is intricately bound to the pharmaceutical companies that only exist because we are sick. Whose hands are tightly clasped in those of companies producing the very chemicals keeping us ailing and frail.

Books that incite free thinking and invoke deep emotion and require active discernment are pulled from the shelves and replaced with frivolous magazines with waxy pages bursting with gossip, hyper sexual depiction of the female body and, more alarmingly, the hyper sexualization of our children.

Paper money is being replaced by plastic cards as legal tender, with implanted microchips being developed, inserted and tested for future use.

We are being mapped, tracked and digitally traced with every breath and step we take. Be it online or in person through cctv cameras, cell phones and gps devices.

With the latest A.I. making its debut, I can’t help but wonder,  Perhaps there was some truth and legitimacy in those warnings I once perceived as fairytales and ramblings of corrupt organized religions.


There is one other teaching that Grammie would share, that also echoes in my mind along with the others. “God created man in his own image”.

If God created humanity… and to create is art… and if God created us in his own image…

Than humans are both, by design, Art and Gods.

To create is Devine.

I believe that if we eliminate the arts by giving it to A.I., it will remove the very thing that makes us Devine; Our ability to imagine something different, and birth it into reality. To lose our divinity is to lose our humanity.


Yes we will still dream it, think it and imagine it. But we will have lost the ability to create it ourselves. We are not born with the skills of the artist. We merely hold within us the aptitude to learn it. To practice it. To teach it. Something that has been gifted to generation after generation.

Using A.I. will destroy everything we hold sacred and magical… all of the arts will be destroyed… from music, to writing to painting and onward.

Sure, It’s fun and kitschy and exciting now, but when AI has learned and perfected itself, there will be no need for these arts to be taught to humans. Because AI will do it faster and cheaper and on demand.

No, it won’t happen over night. But, it will happen quickly. Much more quickly and subtly that we will be prepared for.

If art dies, so does that which makes us human. If our humanity dies, so does our divinity.

If our divinity dies, God dies. 

If God dies… The devil wins.

This is only the beginning.

Will you choose to be Godlike; to create art and be Devine by nature?

Or will you slowly hand over your divinity and be consumed by the matrix that is Artificial intelligence?