I am calling it what it is. Rape.

Discussions of consent are usually centered around sex and sexual activities. In a court of law, consent must be given freely, without intimidation, pressure or coercion. If any of these are present in the decision making process, consent was not freely given, and therefore denotes rape. Consent also requires you to be fully informed of the risks involved with the act at hand. If the individual is not aware of the risks, or are unable to understand the impacts of those risks long term, then they are not able to give consent. And it constitutes rape if the act is still performed on the individual. 

As examples, when a person is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, their ability to provide consent is compromised. When a person is unaware of the risks involved in a situation, as in the case of Children, they are unable to provide consent. 

When a person is threatened with forms of abuse, are manipulated and in a situation that they feel puts their safety at risk, while they may give in and agree, they are not able to give consent.

This is because they have a limited capacity to understand the possible outcome and are unable to make rational decisions beyond the immediate situation.

Humans come built with a flight or fight setting, which served us well when we were under constant threat from the daily happenings of life. As we evolved, we learned to use rational thought and control our emotions. However, when we are under extreme amounts of stress and pressure, the flight or fight mode can still take over and limit our ability to think and make a rational decision. According to Healthline.com When stress makes you feel strong anger, aggression, or fear, the fight-or-flight response is activated. It often results in a sudden, illogical, and irrational overreaction to the situation. You may even regret your reaction later.” (1).

Currently, humanity is drunk on fear and stuck in the flight or fight mode. 

We have been manipulated into believing there is a great threat to our existence, that the only way out of the danger is to say yes to something we know very little about, without being offered the full list of possible risks. We are being coerced into accepting something into our body by way of lotteries, lockdowns, loss of jobs and denial of education. The very definition of coercion under criminal law. (2.)  As we are both under duress and uninformed with respect to the full medical repercussions of allowing this substance into our body, we lack the ability to fully understand the procedure and the risks. 

The National Center for Biotechnology Information states that “Informed consent is the process in which a health care provider educates a patient about the risks, benefits, and alternatives of a given procedure or intervention. The patient must be competent to make a voluntary decision about whether to undergo the procedure or intervention.  Informed consent is both an ethical and legal obligation of medical practitioners...” Even in the case of clinical studies, It is stated that “Informed consent is mandatory for all clinical trials involving human beings.” (3.) Because let's face it, this is a world wide clinical trial for this substance.

We are being denied access to health care providers who wish to educate us on the risks vs. benefits, and we are being denied the information and access to alternative methods of treatment. In addition to this, because we have been manipulated into a state of constant fear and panic, we are no longer able a rational decision about the best course of action for our care.

At this time in history, the entire Globe is unable to think rationally and make decisions as a result the level of stress being forced onto it from the governing bodies by way of mask mandates, forced isolation of healthy individuals, closing of facilities like fitness and wellness centres and other recreational activities that are mentally and physically beneficial to our wellbeing and quality of life. Add in the new threats of job loss and imposing loss of financial security.

We are being denied our right to medical consent by the manufacturers of these substances, by the Public Health Officers and those involved in preventing our doctors, scientists and other medical experts from speaking out on their individual findings and questioning the science behind the decisions to use the substance.

“Bodily autonomy is about the right to make decisions over one’s own life and future.”

Bodily autonomy also has a tendency to only be discussed in the case of women’s bodies and reproductive rights, as this is still a major issue in today's world, however it is not limited to just this topic and cause. It also extends to all medical treatment,  physical alteration of an individual's body and their right to make decisions that affect the quality of life. The United Nations outlines that Bodily autonomy is about the right to make decisions over one’s own life and future. It is about being empowered to make informed choices. These are universal values.” (4.) 

Our rights to freedom of choice, our right to bodily autonomy, our right to informed consent have all been compromised since the beginning of 2020, and with each passing day, month or year that this continues, we lose our footing. 

Our inability to make rational decisions has allowed us to be segregated and torn apart, fearing our friends, families and neighbours. 

Our ability to choose what is best for ourselves has been compromised when we were only given one option for treatment, denied information on all options and risks, and those responsible for providing this information were silenced. 

Our authority over our own bodies is being jeopardized with the mandating of the vax in order to remain employed, have access to medical care, grocery stores, and facilities that are beneficial to our health and wellness.

I am calling it what it is. Rape. 

If this were a sexual assault case, the world leaders, public health officials and media networks, would be on trial for raping their country men & women through use of coercion and causing bodily harm. 

It’s time we hold them accountable for their actions. 


If you are still on the fence, or are insisting someone take the vax because you were fine and they should just "suck it up", this video is for you.
Dr. Peter McCullough shares the facts being kept from the population. 


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