This or That.

Either or. Yes and no. Right or wrong. Black or white. 

We have become obsessed with this or that and limited our experiences for love, life, joy, and expression. We have removed the colors, the variation, the unlimited options for choice. 

We have restricted ourselves so much that we forgot what it means to be free, to be abundant, to have variety… any attempt made at even suggesting any one of those becomes labelled as rebellious, crazy, bad, unacceptable, even sinful.

Why do we limit ourselves to only this or that scenario? 

We do it with the sexes, attempting to restrict it to biological sex of male and female, rather that be open to the concept that there could be a plethora of sexes that share the same sexual reproductive organs. And in doing so, we have tried to limit the “pairing” of these sexes based on their reproductive abilities. Why can't a man love a man, and a woman love a woman? Why cant someone identity as either, or a different sex that the physiological sex they were born with, or neither at all? Have we ever considered that perhaps this is a healthy form of evolution because we are overpopulating the planet? From a scientific standpoint, a human born of one sex obviously cannot reproduce with another of that same sex, but they can certainly take on the love and care of the offspring produced. Lord know cis-gendered couples breed like rabbits, often with little care for whether or not its in the best interests of all involved.

We do it with religion. Sure there are a variety of religions around the world, but each religion always dictates that “My God is the true God, and all others are wrong”. Why can we not open ourselves to the possibility that there is more, something greater, something that connects us all that is far more beautiful that any one religion is capable of relaying and teaching? We have lost our connection to the earth, to the universal language that we have all been born through, because we somehow came to the decision that one religion is correct over all others. Perhaps they are all wrong. Or maybe, they are all correct. We don't actually know what awaits us on the other side of this life, so why do we restrict ourselves to believing it could only be one outcome? Wouldn't you rather live a life of wonder? Because what if, heaven and hell really are constructs of our beliefs. If you believe there is hell, and you fear it, what if that means you end up there? And if you believe there is a heaven, and you have lived a just life, caring for your fellow man, you end up in whatever is your version of heaven? Or Valhalla? Or you get to choose and opt to reincarnate to come back and heal the earth? What if religion is wrong?

We do it in the medical industry. It's either Allopathic medicines or “pseudoscience”, labelling anything outside of allopathy as wrong, quack medicine, “hippy shit”. Often, those who only utilize allopathic medicine have a tendency to shun any form of natural medicine out of doubt and suspicion. While those who utilize only natural medicines often do the same. Yet, when combined, we have a very powerful method for healing ourselves in its entirety. Allopathic medicine is essential for surgeries, emergency care, pain management, treatments requiring blood and organ transfers. These are life saving. So is Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Myofascial release therapy, Chiropractic care and the like. Each of these forms of treatment work at treating underlying conditions that often cause the pain, the cause the disease, the loss of organ function and so forth. Using one over the other exclusively we are limiting ourselves, while utilized together, the landscape of healthcare would be vastly different than it is today. We would be much healthier, live longer, and have much less disease and sickness. We are not parts and pieces to treat individually. We are the sum total of those parts, and everything that we do to parts or pieces of our body, affects everything else in our body.  

We do it relating to how we live our lives. We view life as successful or not, based on a limited list of checks and balances. We are successful only if we achieve ABC, and if you do XYZ you can't possibly be happy and accomplished. But how many “successful” individuals over the centuries have committed suicide because they are unhappy? How many marriages have failed even though they did all the things they were supposed to do? How many youth and adults have we lost to drug use because they are trying to numb out the pain of living a life that is too far from the truth of their souls? We contort ourselves into these single sized boxes that a majority of us were never designed to fit.

Humanity is not one size fits all. We are not this or that kind of beings. We are multi-dimensional, multi-faceted, multi-passionate. We evolved into a multitude of melanin variances because physiologically we needed to based on where we lived, what we needed to survive and the environments around us. If we were able to upgrade ourselves to adapt to those landscapes, why are we hindering the processes in other aspects of ourselves? Why are we suppressing ourselves, our desires to step outside the mundane and teaching our children to walk within the lines drawn by unseen hands?

Why are we so closed off to the possibilities of more? Of learning more, of seeing, hearing and feeling more? 

Why must we view life from such limited lenses? 

Life was not meant to be lived in monotone. It was meant to be lived and experienced in all the colors. We haven't even begun to see all the colors available to us in this life, and yet we continue to put on shades of grey. We chose to only see in black and white. Right or wrong. Yes or no. This or that.