My Devil Face; Realizing I Hate Myself

Raw and emotional, I get honest and dive deep into my journey of discovering that I hated myself, the moment I realized, and the reason why.

I share with you, My Devil Face, what it has meant to me, how long I have hidden it from the world and myself, and I open up about why it is so incredibly important to have boundaries, take time and space when you need it, and be willing to walk away from those unwilling to respect those boundaries.

When we hate who we are and the life we are living, we will do everything in our power, whether consciously or blissfully unaware, to sabotage it and everything we hold dear. From relationships, to career, businesses and ourselves, we will burn it all to the ground and the slightest nudge from the inside voice that reminds us that "we are not enough" and that "we don't deserve any thing good".

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