AKA The Awkward Artist

When I'm not in my studio spilling paint onto whatever artistic medium I'm digging that day...

You might find me recharging in nature collecting feather and rocks, walking the fur baby, fostering dogs, reading the latest Margaret Atwood or Neil Gaiman marvel, writing my next book or recording a new podcast episode.

Life's a garden man, ya dig?

Play. Get Wild. Let Your Inner Weird Out!

Have no fear your inner weird is here. I know, it's super corny but it still rings true. You are awkward for a reason and it's no secret that it's your greatest strength. I know because I've used mine to fuel my art. Art always brought joy, made me laugh and supported me in processing some seriously difficult life lessons...

And here we are...

3x Best Selling Author, Writer, Painter, Self-Proclaimed Weirdo and Artist.

Have a topic you want me to write on, speak about or would like to request custom apparel? Drop me a line below

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